Anthony Ives, Professor of Zoology, gives a lecture on locust populations.


Upon declaring the major, all Conservation Biology students are assigned to an advising team composed of a Faculty Advisor and the Student Services Coordinator.

Declared students are encouraged to meet with their Faculty Advisors and Student Services Coordinator regularly throughout the duration of their undergraduate experience.

Your Faculty Advisor provides guidance specific to the Conservation Biology discipline through discussions about undergraduate experiences (i.e. internships, research, volunteering, etc.) that will help prepare you for graduate work or a career after graduation.

You can make an appointment with your Faculty Advisor via email.

Your Student Services Coordinator, Ginny Jackson, is a professional academic advisor who provides guidance specific to the Conservation Biology discipline throughout your undergraduate career. Your Student Services Coordinator will help with course selection, registration, DARS, L&S degree and major requirements, and tracking progress towards graduation, as well as connect you to career and campus resources. Schedule an advising appointment with Ms. Jackson on Starfish or email questions to

Student Services Coordinator

Ginny Jackson

Please contact Ginny Jackson for undergraduate advising in the major.

Email or schedule an appointment

Faculty Advisors

Cameron, Kenneth

Conservation Biology Major Chair


154 Birge Hall

Research interests: Systematics & Evolution of Orchidaceae, Smilacaceae, & tropical monocots; comparative morphology / anatomy, DNA barcoding, floristics, conservation

Givnish, Thomas


Botany, 315 Birge Hall


Research interests: plant ecology & evolution; adaptive radiation and molecular systematics; physiological ecology; landscape dynamics; genetically engineered organisms

Hotchkiss, Sara


Botany/IES, 353 Birge Hall


Research interests: vegetation history; ecosystem response to climate change; disturbance and landscape dynamics; ecosystem development; paleoecology

Ives, Tony


Zoology, 459 Birge Hall


Research interests: Community ecology and population biology; work extends to evolution and behavior; statistical modeling; phylogenetic patterns in comparisons among species and communities; agricultural pests

Pidgeon, Anna


Forest and Wildlife Ecology, Russell Labs

Research Interests: Avian ecology and landscape ecology

Schoville, Sean


Entomology, 637 Russell Laboratories

Research interest: focuses on describing biological diversity, determining the role of ecological and evolutionary processes in generating this diversity, and developing management and conservation strategies that incorporate these processes

Strier, Karen


Anthropology, 5440 Social Science


Research interests: primate social behavioral ecology; biological anthropology

Zuckerberg, Ben

(608) 262-8879

Forest and Wildlife Ecology, 226 Russell Laboratories

Research interests: studying the impact of climate change on natural systems, how forces of climate and land use change drive biological changes at the level of individuals and populations, ecological patterns across entire regions or continents.